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Ready to go fishing? 2019's estimated Cook Inlet salmon run is 6 million!!



New for 2019! Foam Handles


Just in time for the 2019 season,  our dip nets now come with comfy foam handles for a more comfortable grip. 

Choose your color!  

Shore Net


The shore net now comes with 

a lighter bag on it for less drag when fishing. 

We are the only people in Alaska making flat bottom nets for river fishing. 

Cost: $240 

(Shipping available for an added charge) 

Boat Net


Pressed for time?   

Our boat net only has one fastener to remove to change out the net. 

Keep on fishing! 

Cost: $240 

(Shipping available for an added charge)

Where to purchase?


Dipnets may be purchased online or at LFS in Anchorage (907-279-3025) or Kenai (907-335-6300), Trustworthy Hardware in Soldotna (907-262-4655), Pro Apollo Boats in Ninilchik (907-252-7369) or Kachemak Gear Shed in Homer (800-478-8612). 

Hooligan Nets!


New for 2019!  

Hooligan Nets! 

These nets will be available at all of the listed locations.  The hooligan net is pictured with above next to our shore nets to show the size difference.  Get yours today!! 

Did you know?


Finally! Reasonable Shipping Rates! All nets are now able to be shipped to the lower 48 and worldwide. The nets are now able to be broken down small enough to make shipping costs affordable. Call for details. 

About Us



We're happy you're here! I don't know about you but I really love to go dip netting. I've been making dip nets for many years and one thing I've learned over the years is fish are smart! They love to swim on the bottom and hide behind rocks. They hang in the low areas on the bottom so they don't have to swim as hard. We like to say that when you're fishing - you're just fishing, when you're using our dipnets- you're catching!

Patented Inner Ring System


I started making dip nets for the hardware store I worked at many years ago. After making quite a few of them, I soon realized that I didn't like tying strings that would just get rubbed off on the bottom of the river. There had to be a better way!  

My Design


My patented inner ring system keeps the net inside the metal hoop and off the bottom of the river, allowing for less damage to the net over the years. People who have been using my nets for 8-10 years come to me to replace the bag due to it wearing out on the inside of the hoop not the outside! Boat nets are available in 51" or 60" size for all sizes of fish and fisher-people!