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Everybody that uses are nets absolutely loves them. If you would like to submit your experience using our Custom Alaskan Dip Nets, please Email akdipnets@gmail.com. We will post comments on the site as they are received. Thank You For Using Pro Apollo Custom Dip Net

"The right dip net makes the dip netting for red salmon a more pleasurable time, full of anticipation, reward, and downright fun. Square or Rounded, long or short handles, it has to fit you for your needs. I've used the same square dip net with a great handle to hold and easy to handle for 8 years now, and it's held up well and has provided me with many fish to process and endless hours of entertainment." 

"My Pro Apollo dip net is the best I ever had, also customer service is tops. Thanks Lonnie"

Dip Nets must be used with Permits from Alaska Fish & Game. Fishing with a Dip Net can only be used by an Alaska Resident.

  • Kasilof River: Open June 25 – August 7th

  • Kenai River: Open July 10 – July 31

  • Fish Creek: Emergency opening only

  • China Poot Creek: Open July 1 – August 7th ( no permit required )

  • Kenal River Hooligan: April 1 – June 15th ( no permit required )

Lonnie Lambert (Owner)   Phone: 907-567-3406     Cell: 907-252-7369

Email: akdipnets@gmail.com

PO Box 39045
Ninilchik, AK  99639

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