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Custom Alaska Dip Nets
Aluminum, Removable Handle, Patent #7934337 Inter-ring System, Boat & Shore Nets

Our Custom Alaska Dip Nets Are Available At:
Pro Apollo (Ninilchik)

  Dip Nets must be used with Permits from Alaska Fish & Game. Dip Net fishing open to Alaska Residents only.

  • Kasilof River: Open June 25 – August 7th

  • Kenai River: Open July 10 – July 31

  • Fish Creek: Emergency opening only

  • China Poot Creek: Open July 1 – August 7th ( no permit required )

  • Kenal River Hooligan: April 1 – June 15th ( no permit required )

Welcome to my dip net central website. The dip nets you see here are the highest quality dip nets available. All of these nets have a patented inter-ring system (Patent #7934337 - this system allows the net to be hung inside the outer hoop without having lines tied around the outer hoop to wear off on the river bottom). Because of the inter-ring system, changing out the net to go from Salmon to smelt to herring is very easy. It is about a five to ten minute process. You simply drill out the locking rivets and then slide out the inter-ring or rings, replace the net with the net you want, install the net on the inter-ring and install new locking rivits (no lines or strings to mess with,  fast and easy!!!)

There are two ways to use Dip Nets: Fish from a boat or fish from the shore.

Dip Nets for a boat are different than a dip net on the shore. Dip nets for a boat need to be built stronger because the net is tied off to the bow of the boat, and the net is then pulled thru the water by the boat. The Dip Net handle for a boat must be in the center of the Net. All of my Dip Nets are welded together and all of these nets have extra large curved braces. All of my dip net are made of aluminum. All of my hoops and frames are 3/4" pipe ( Rolled in a rolling machine). The fixed handle shore nets have a 3/4" hoop and a 3/4" handle. The removable handle shore nets have a 3/4" hoop and a 1" handle. The boat nets have a 3/4" hoop and a 1" handle.

Pro-Apollo boats has been in business in Ninilchik, Alaska since 1989 building fishing boats (All of Aluminum construction). Lonnie Lambert (Owner) Builds these Nets in the Pro Apollo Boat Shop South of Ninilchik Alaska. My Removable Handle Dip Nets are Currently Available For Sale in Ninilchik at Pro Apollo Boats. My dip nets are available in many sizes and shapes. I believe that all of my nets must be built with the form and function to catch the most fish with the least amount of time in the water. This means to have the dip nets as large as the law allows 60" (FIVE FEET). All of the nets I make have this Magic Distance 60" (Except the A Boat Net with the 51"  Diameter).  My most popular dip net is the D shape shore net and the round shore net is also very popular. The round net has the most net volume. I make two sizes of dip nets for fishing from your boat. The 51" and the 60" both have 3/4" hoops and 1" handles. Now you can decide which net is best for your application.


Dip Net Salmon
Dip Net Hooligan also called ( Smelt )
Dip Net Herring

Pro Apollo Dip Nets - with this net design you can quickly change your web to fish many species, with the same hoop

Made in Alaska










Alaska Fish Count Hot Line with Emergency Openers and Updates
Call 907-262-2737 and for the Sonar Count Call 262-9097
Statewide Sonar Count See Alaska Dept Fish and Game Website www.adfg.alaska.gov

Fish and Game in Homer Call 235-8191,  Fish and Game in Soldotna, K Beach Location Call 262-9368. For Copper River openers, call Fairbanks Fish and Game at 459-7207.  The Copper River opens Early June thru September. The Bag Limit Has Increased for the 2015 Season, The Copper river 2014  limits were 15  head of household and another 15 fish if you have a family.  Now in 2015 Copper river is Just Like the Kenai - 25 fish Head of Household and 10 fish for each additional family member. 1 King Salmon Per Household.

Lonnie Lambert (Owner)   Phone: 907-567-3406     Cell: 907-252-7369

Email: akdipnets@gmail.com

PO Box 39045
Ninilchik, AK  99639

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